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NovoTempus eliminates the headache of running your practice, allowing you to automate the most critical areas of your firm such as client intake, billing, time tracking, documents, workflow and more!

no·vo – tem·pus | Latin [noh-voh tem-poos]
– new times

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of

A twist on the traditional phrase.

While humans can’t be the greatest at everything, software can!

Here’s what NovoTempus does…

Client Management

How much do you value your clients? They’re the most important asset to your firm.

The first step in perfecting and scaling your business starts with efficient relations.

Our customizable software removes the difficulty of organizing your contacts, intaking clients, requesting signatures, automating your work and more.

Billing & Time Tracking

Tracking your time is a tedious task most lawyers hate, so we made it as simple as possible.

Our track-as-you-work feature starts a timer when you begin working, making invoicing easy.

Generate invoices, send them to clients, and get paid directly on our software.

In-Firm Collaboration

NovoTempus is a one-stop-solution for all your administrative needs.

“It’s like 10 paralegals bundled into one software!”

Stay connected with your team on all fronts using our realtime chat, user notifications and productivity features.

Get reports and analytics on your firm’s marketing efforts - know what works and what doesn’t.

Join Thousands Of Legal Professionals Simplifying & Growing Their Practice With NovoTempus Today

Fully Equipped Client Management System

Simply fill out a form once and we’ll keep your clients and matters fully organized. Save time by automating your work with reusable workflow & document templates.

  • Streamline Client Intake​
  • Customizable Document Templates​
  • Automate Specific Workflow Tasks​
  • Request E-Signatures From Clients​
  • Create Customizable Forms​
  • Firm Overview – Matter Pipeline
  • Automated Email Marketing​

Billing, Accounting & Time Tracking

We know how much of a pain billing is. Let us do all the heavy lifting! Simply click a button and start tracking time! Then, assign it to any matter. Done.

  • Record-As-You-Work Time Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Trust & Accounts
  • Flexible Billing Rates
  • Payment Processing

Inter-firm Chat & Notifications

Your firm is only as strong as the administration behind it. Chat with your team and manage your business’ day-to-day from your own control panel.

  • Chat Feature
  • Track Matter Productivity
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Agenda
  • Document Storage
  • User Notifications

The NovoTempus Guarantee

Too many firms implement complicated software that takes their employees weeks or even months to understand and use.

This is why we’ve created a user-friendly, modern software that anyone can easily learn with or without our free training in just a couple of days.

We Play Nice With Integrations

NovoTempus connects and integrates with the applications you already use and love!


If It’s Not In Here, It’s Out There.

NovoTempus is built on AWS – the most trusted cloud provider in the world. We leverage all of the capabilities of this provider including physical security and environmental controls to secure our infrastructure from threat or impact.

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