Are CRM and Legal Softwares valuable for smaller firms? | NovoTempus | Credit: Wesley Tingey

Are CRM And Legal Softwares Valuable For Smaller Firms?

Many small firms with 10 attorneys or less often question why they would need a CRM and legal softwares. With such a small practice compared to those of 500+ employees, a small firm’s case load will seem much more manageable. But this might be the exact place where these smaller businesses fall behind.
A good workflow management system for law firms will not only help you manage your caseload, but it will also give you a deeper understanding of what affects your firm. For example, a legal CRM that uses a reporting and analytics features can tell you where your leads are coming from, how they convert the best, and which marketing technique has the highest success rate.  Furthermore, a strong legal software can ease up your time on administrative tasks. Beginning with automating many of your currently manual processes.

What you don’t know may hurt you  

Most lawyers may not realize this.  Only 22% of the time an average employee spends at work is considered “billable” work. That means the remainder of that time, between 70%-80% of the work day, is spent on administrative tasks. Administrative tasks include updating case files, sending out emails, updating spreadsheets, inputting manual data, drafting multiple similar documents for different cases, etc.
Why is so much time being taken by minutiae? Is it bad time management, or is it that minute tasks end up taking up more than half of our work hours? The key to success in time management is not doing more or less of any one thing, or trying to do the same activities faster, but rather finding a way to do what you currently do, efficiently. That is what a strong CRM and Legal software can do.

How a CRM can help your growth

A CRM can alleviate your administrative workload and streamline your processes so they can be completed effortlessly. CRM’s help businesses run smoothly with a centralized online cloud-based system workflow management system where all of your cases can be found and worked on.
Repetitive tasks can be alleviated through document automation features, custom form builder, as well as automated email marketing campaigns, market data analysis online reporting tools, digital signing, and more. Firms are able to pinpoint where their strategies are having the strongest success and profitability rates. Furthermore, they can focus on those approaches while leaving behind the practices that are not producing enough for the firm.

Don’t stay behind with outdated processes

Most business owners (91% of business owners with 11 employees or more) have a CRM for their business. Businesses have seen the positive effects of having a software that helps you automate and streamline their processes. Business owners express they are calmer having a software that can tell them what is going on in their business.
Firm owners want to know if employees are progressing on their work/tasks (progress bars on matters). Furthermore, CEO’s want to know if marketing techniques are resulting in positive results. Having quick access to  the firm’s clients and cases from desktop, phone, or laptop is crucial to a successful workflow.
It doesn’t hurt to try, especially if you could possibly be enhancing your business. We are so confident you will benefit from a CRM, that we offer a thirty day free trial. No credit cards required.

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