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Attorney Software | Supercharge Your Legal Practice With A CRM

Attorney Software Technology Is Reshaping Law As We Know It

Attorney Software is revamping the legal world. The professional world has quickly picked up on the importance of technological help for their business. Today, 91% of businesses in the U.S. use a Customer Relationship Management Software, a CRM, or some form of a project management software tool. (Taylor, M. 2020).

How Do CRM’s Fit Into Business And Law?

This software is now at the heart of every growing business, but how does this translate in the legal world? Well, for starters, 100% of the firms with 700+ employees use a form of a CRM, compared to the 44% of smaller firms with less than 700 employees (Przybyla, 2018). So what benefits do all 100% of large law firms find in a good legal CRM? Large firms handle thousands of cases at a time. An attorney software that manages all of the cases, and gives access to the right people in the firm can facilitate communication between attorneys and their clients, as well as create inter-firm connectedness.

What Can A CRM Do For Me And My Firm?

A good law firm CRM can automate the daily tasks that you or your paralegal currently spend hours on, and make them become a menial part of your working day. Lawyers have found ease in scheduling emails, appointments, reminders, and document automation through a system that facilitates each task. For example, the right legal CRM can schedule emails to go out with pre-written templates to all of your new leads, with follow ups scheduled and appointments set up, all at the click of a “New Client Workflow”.

CRM’s Are Increasing Productivity And Revenue

One of the largest increases law firm’s have seen has been in productivity. Specifically, statistics from Forester have shown that 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM. Furthermore, another report by Nucleus Research Report  has found that for companies using a mobile CRM, 65% are achieving their sales quotas, while only 22% of representatives using non-mobile CRM have reached similar targets (Taylor, M. 2020). Although there is a large increase in mobile use, the larger majority of users are still using the software through desktop or laptops, and surveys have shown that 81% of users are now accessing the software through multiple devices.

The Modern World Is Becoming More Mobile – So Are CRM’s.

This means that people, especially lawyers, need access from every source, you should be able to check on a client’s case, set an appointment, schedule an email, and view your day’s tasks along with the reports through any of your devices. Waiting at the courthouse? Use your attorney CRM to assign tasks to paralegals, schedule meetings or emails, or draft legal documents (prepared templates available also) while you wait, without having to pull out your entire laptop.
The CRM industry has seen staggering growth in the past years, with the CRM software being the biggest software market in the world, there is no slowing down. Every type of American business has found utilization, performance increase, and even sales increase when implementing a CRM software to their business, why not upgrade your law firm also?

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