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Covid’s Positive Changes – Remote Work

Remote Work – Happy Employees

If there’s one benefit from this pandemic, it’s the ability for employees to work remotely. Firm’s of all shapes and sizes have had to allow their employees to work from home. While some have faced many challenges, like disruptive and bored kids, pets, and family members, others have found an increase in job performance. Finding the right balance between home-life and now remote work has been easier than previously thought.

Many employers figured allowing their employees to work from home would hinder their job performance. Business owners believed their employees would become distracted by household day to day happenings or would take too many breaks that the employers cannot control. While this may have been true in some cases, we have seen that most people are actually thriving with remote work.

Commuting to and fro work takes up much more time than we had realized. People are now finding more time in their mornings since they don’t have to drive to an office. This added time has allowed employees to have less stressful (and less traffic) or rushed mornings. Having an easy start to your day is also key to your mental health. Lawyers have a stressful enough job as it is, and adding a stressful morning to the mix doesn’t make for the best morning coffee. With Remote work, lawyers and legal professionals can get a clear and less stressful start to their day.

“Best three months of my life” said a Chicago lawyer after working from home for some time. Legal professionals are often overworked and spend a lot of time away from home and from family and friends. Working remotely has allowed them to take some time back to themselves while still getting everything done for work.

The Big Switch

Many firms who have been reluctant to turn to the help of technology in the past have been forced to try new things. When the pandemic hit, most firms went remote. Firms that were not currently using cloud services had to quickly figure out a way their employees could complete everything from home. This created a window for legal tech. Now companies are scramming to find the best softwares to help them reach their firms’ remote needs.

In turn, this has boosted the success and in-firm collaboration for many law firms. Lawyers and paralegals have access to CRMs that assist with case workflows, document building, client intake, firm chats, and more. Lawyers are now getting more work done with the assistance of legal tech. As a result, firms are more open to the help of technology. Many have incorporated new systems and softwares that help them scale their business with features like reports on marketing and expenses.

Legal technology is what made remote work easy. Now, firms are noticing they don’t have to have every employee in their office for them to do their job well. In short, remote work may be a thing of the future for many law firms. Thanks, Covid. – A Happy Remote Employee

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