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Most Important CRM features for law firms

Whether you are a business or a law firm, establishing a trustworthy relationship with the clients is the key to succeed in your industry. Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is a software that helps you manage your organization’s workflow, keep the data organized and safe, and streamline your practice.
Today, the use of CRM technology is growing rapidly across industries, including the legal sector. CRM’s help law firms nurture relationships with existing clients, by allowing ease in communication. They maximize their performance with data analysis and document automations and generate more revenue through automated and streamlined email marketing. 90% of Big Law firms utilize a CRM, read below to find out why they could be see so useful.
There are many useful resources to help grow your business. Below we will detail what we have found to be the most successful and necessary CRM features for law firms.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests, it is a system that builds and manages the relationship with your customer. CRM software helps a company interact with existing and potential customers efficiently. It analyzes the data of the clients’ or customers’ interaction with the company for improving business relationships. The software also focuses on customer retention, which ultimately helps in sales growth.
The most important feature of CRM is that the system contains valuable data that it gathers from different communication channels, including the law firm’s email, telephone, website, marketing material, live chat, and also social media. With the help of the CRM system, law firms can learn more about their clients and provide solutions tailored to their needs.
Many law firms are using this software to give better and timely services to their clientele. But what are the best CRM features for a law firm?

Customer Relationship Management Features

Here are the CRM features for Law firm which can improve relationships with your clients and grow your law firm.

Relationship Management Features

The primary purpose of CRM is to manage relationships with the clients to maximize the performance of your law firm, which, in turn, helps to drive more revenue. This is why law firms need to adopt CRM software for their company’s progress.
However, because of the little knowledge, people choose CRMs designed for other purposes, which don’t help law firms as effectively. Most law firms have different sales processes from other businesses. So, they need a legal CRM like NovoTempus that offers all features a law firm needs to run efficiently.
Every CRM has some features that specifically work to manage and nurture the relationships with your clients and prospects. Here are the most crucial CRM features for law firms that you need to manage your new or old clients and generate efficient results.

·       Contact Database

CRM stores information and contact details of all existing clients, leads, referrers, companies and others that you want to track.

·       Lead Status Tracking

The system allows assigning specific statuses to contacts to categorize them. This feature also helps you to identify and focus on top prospects. You can prioritize the clients based on this information.

·       Lead Source Tracking

Helps your firm track the source from where your clients are coming and how effective it is. It also helps to discover the best sources to bring valuable clients. The system does this by assigning a source for all your leads, then creating a database tracking all of your lead sources and creating analytics on where the majorities and minorities lie, allowing the users to prioritize certain channels that drive more revenue than others.

·       Matter Tracking

As a law firm, matter tracking is an important feature. It helps store and track relevant information, files, documents, etc. when a client comes for the solution of a legal matter.

·       Tasks/Reminders

It saves you from forgetting important deadlines by adding notes/reminders about your contacts and matters. This way, everyone in the firm can remain up to date with the matters. It allows you to schedule tasks for everyone in the firm and meet deadlines with notification reminders on due dates.

·       Notes

This CRM feature offers you to track every detail of what is happening with each case and client. You will have all information saved and available to the users also working on the case.

·       Email Sync

Email sync is one of the most important CRM features for law firms. The software connects all your email accounts to the CRM to organize the conversations in one place so that you can view them easily.

·       Email Templates

CRM has various features that help you to save your precious time. It has unlimited email templates so that you can easily draft follow up emails or other mails.

Organizing Workflow Features

Usually, clients look for firms that can give them excellent services at low prices. This makes it challenging for law firms to get a higher number of customers. A law firm must streamline client intake and implement well-defined workflows to strive. Hence, using a CRM system, a firm can bring in more business and manage its operations. This will help them to keep ahead of other firms in today’s competitive market.
You have already learned that CRM helps you nurture and maintain relationships with current and new clients with various features. This means you are doing everything to convert potential leads into your clients and prevent slipping up the existing ones through cracks.
However, CRM offers you more than that and also has tools to attract and retain new clients. Some CRM features for law firms help you make the legal sales process easy, leading to a well-built organization, high conversions, and satisfied clients.
Here are the features that help you to organize workflow to increase legal sales.

·       Matter Checklists

It creates a checklist for each service and includes the tasks that you need to complete as well as the information you need to gather during client intake. Thus, it streamlines the process.

·       Intake Form Builder

The feature helps build standard intake forms, which can help you to collect the information you need from your clients. It also gives your client a choice to fill out the forms using any cellular device, such as their tablets or mobile phones.

·       Engagement Letter Drafting

You don’t need to spend hours to draft your engagement letter. A legal CRM has templates that you can use to draft your engagement letters easily. Send them out directly from the software with our e-signing capabilities so your clients can receive the retainer via mobile and sign on the spot.

·       E-signatures

You and your client don’t need to put yourself in trouble and go for scanning or printing. The software can save your resources and time with the e-Signature feature. Hence, you can sign the engagement letters, interrogatories, contracts, and more through online!

Other Features

CRM offers many more features to help your law firm flourish and drive more sales. It saves your time by letting you solve more critical legal matters instead of wasting time on calendars, schedules, emails, and other things.
Some of the other CRM features which can help your law firm to improve and grow are the following.

·       Automated Workflows

A legal CRM offers workflow templates to structure your process and automate tasks, such as a pre-consult questionnaire, send follow up emails to a potential client, new clients onboarding, and other things.

·       Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling helps you let the software do the appointment work. For this, you need to connect your calendar from your website. Your potential clients pick up any consultation slots, which are ideal for them from your website.

·       Calendar Sync

You can also sync up your calendar to check the related appointments when reviewing a potential client’s record.

·       Inter-firm chats

Keep your law firm connected at all times. An in-chat feature in the software will ease and quicken communication within the firm. This will allow for quicker responses from teammates rather than lost time trying to buzz someone at their desks when they’re not there.

·       Document Templates

You can also use document templates from the CRM to create questionnaires, intake forms, engagement letters, etc. A template can help you to speed up your work and gives you a way to draft your document quickly. Simply create a draft, such as a Notice of Hearing, leave specific areas blank, and merge each matter to the document to autofill the responses. Done.

·       Invoicing & Billing

It’s vital to keep track of your billings and invoice. This helps you to plan for the future. The CRM automates the process and tracks the details, such as the number of your clients and their payment records. There are also other tools that help you keep an eye on your billing time, date, and procedures. Send invoices and receive payment directly from the software!

·       Organize Your Pipeline

CRM also helps you to keep the team on the same page with the help of the shared documents, profile, dashboards, and workflows. This way, every person in the firm can get to the information to work on any legal matter.


Now you may understand the importance of this technology for your legal firm. The CRM features for law firms will change the way of your work. Hence, you can focus on more critical matters and build relationships with clients.
All of these features boost the growth of your law firm. If you are looking for the best legal CRM software with all the features mentioned above, NovoTempus has you covered. It is a project management software and client intake system that will help you improve your workflow, maximize performance, streamline operations, and generate more revenue.

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