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How The Pandemic Changed Workflows & How Technology Helped

The Corona Virus pandemic radically changed the world’s working environment. What has been the same for workers for over 40 years has now seen a radical shift. Workers are now spending their entire workdays from home and maintaining productivity! But working from home hasn’t been the only large change in our work environment. Technology is also playing a large role in facilitating and maintaining work efficiency. Many companies whom have been reluctant to work with technological aids in the past have now been catapulted into the tech market. As a result, workflows have changed.

Out With The Old

America has been living in the “cube farm” ever since it was incorporated in the 1980’s. The cube farm was the innovation of cubicles and tight desk spaces spread out throughout the office. This created the working environment that we live in today. Although some companies have been more innovative in their workspaces, none have really allowed their employees to have their daily workspace be their home. Corporations have always held onto the thought that employees would be less productive, more distracted, and no longer efficient. But in 2020, the corona virus put this to the test, and it has forced everything to significantly change. (For now at least.)

In With The New

As a result of the pandemic, employers told their employees to stay home, and the world was able to experience remote work at once. As a result, companies saw how well employees can work remotely. But while it was quite successful, many companies were not prepared to have their employees work remotely, and so they had to take quick action. Employers had to make their employee’s daily activities easily attainable. While many businesses were already on the cloud, most were not. Businesses that were previously using hardware to store and keep their data had to quickly move their data into a cloud platform so their employees can access needed information from anywhere. This caused a large change in workflows for many employees.

with new cloud technologies come fun features! Since companies added cloud-backed softwares, many of them also came with many features that help businesses in their practices. In the legal world, old fashioned firms who had not switched to the cloud yet adopted practice management softwares that allowed them to stay communicated, on task, and gave easy access to all the files. Many practice management tools came with their own features too, like email automation, document automation, analysis and reports on marketing, and more! This changed the way previous workflows were done and created a more efficient process.

With new softwares that help automation of repetitive tasks, employees are able to focus more on important part of their days. Adding on that employees don’t have to commute to work, efficiency and work product rose tremendously. Now employees are happy, more productive, and have more time on their hands to focus on important tasks.

What The Future Holds

Businesses are happy, employees are happy, why should things go back to where they were? Businesses should take this moment to reinvent the wheel, to find a balance between office and remote work. We still need to attend the office for important events or client meetings, we can’t exactly have our clients meet us at home. But finding the right balance between going to the office everyday and staying home is where the key is.

With assistive technologies the choice is up to us. We are no longer locked down to one chair because that one computer has everything we need. We can work from different places and still reach the same goals, attain new clients, and grow our businesses. All you need is internet access! Your workflows are already set up and you can begin your day from anywhere.

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