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How to Ease Your Law Firm’s Transition to Remote Work 

Law firms have responded to COVID-19 by having their employees work from home, a luxury that many law firms can afford, but others are struggling with. Law firms with modern technology and CRM’s are much more easily capable of transitioning to remote work. Having much of your practice already on the cloud, working from home might seem similar to working while you wait for your hearing in court. But smaller or less established law firms may struggle maintaining employer-employee communication, or worse, lawyer-client communications. Read some tips from Lawyers on how they are tackling these challenges and being proactive during these times.

Make Sure You Have These: 

  • A team messaging system where all of your employees, lawyers, associates, paralegals, billing, and secretaries can easily communicate with anyone in the firm for any questions or tasks.
  • A cloud-based case management system where you and your team can work on cases and have access to your information from a simple log in. Have all your cases, matters, documents, notes, tasks, and calendars in one place for easy access from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Any new intakes can now be added online and everyone in the firm can have instant access to the new client.
  • Electronic-signing capabilities. Remote work also means less office equipment is easily accessible. Having clients sign something (like a retainer) may be much more difficult if your client has to print, manually sign, scan, and send back to you. Providing your clients with an e-signing service will allow for faster, more swift and secure document signing which will be much easier for you and your clients.
  • Electronic/ email invoicing rather than USPS or snail mail. This will facilitate payments from clients and will help streamline your billing process.

Maintaining Client Relationships – 

During these times, it is important that your clients know you are still practicing, working on their matters, and progressing in their cases. Maintaining a steady and healthy communication with your clients will allow them to feel connected and safe with your law firm. Try these tips from lawyers on how they are keeping up with their clients.

  • Weekly email campaigns that tell your clients what your firm is doing during COVID-19, communicate to your clients that you are still working, and what you plan for the future.
  • Let your clients know your law firm is still working at 100% of its capabilities. Even though the office may be closed, there has been no decline in the case progressions and everyone has been working diligently to complete all tasks.
  • Offer some clients reduced hourly fees if they have been impacted by COVID-19. During these times, law firms don’t want to seem avarice, like they are taking advantage of clients during difficult times, but rather are here to help them through these rough times.

Most Importantly… 

Make sure you let your clients know you are not falling behind due to remote working. Demonstrating that your firm can work through crisis situations is vital to building long term trust relationships with clients.

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