Legal Workflow Management System | Credit: Lukas Blazek

Key Features Of A Legal Workflow Management System

In an attempt to increase automation, many businesses have tried services that manage their business processes and implement automation tools to further increase their productivity. But oftentimes in the same effort to increase productivity and automation, you slow it down with complicated softwares and procedures that may take users a while to learn and adapt to. Alternatively, you may find yourself with an all inclusive software that runs you about half of your monthly revenue. It’s important to find the right software with the right price and make sure it is the best fit for you. This is the most important part of your new software. In this article we tell you about some key features in a legal workflow management system that have truly made differences for business growth.

What Is A Workflow Management System?

First, we should understand what a workflow management system does. It is a system that assists you in automating the redundant parts of your businesses. In other words, a tool that helps streamline your processes for optimal efficiency. These systems help create pathways for your typical processes so they can follow an order from intake to finish.


A good workflow management system will be cloud-based. One of the best selling points of modern CRM’s is that they offer cloud-based softwares. Cloud-based means you can be anywhere, and from any device and access the same information. Having all of your files on an on-premise device is an unsafe bet. As a result, it doesn’t allow you to have easy access to that information if you are anywhere else but your office desk.

A Strong Pipeline

A strong pipeline for your client input is imperative. A project management software should have a pipeline suitable for your needs. The right CRM and legal software can take a client from intake to case closed, guiding all of their users through a systematic approach for handling each case. Storing the right information and having that easily accessible for each potential client is key to a good workflow management system.

Automated Tasks

What’s a good CRM for if it doesn’t make life easier for you? Automating tasks that are redundant is one of the key features of a good project management software. Document automation is vital in a CRM and legal software, as well as automated email marketing campaigns, and automated scheduled emails. A good workflow system will be automated too! Above all, having a systemic workflow for each intake or phase of the client, such as the discovery phase, can help create an easy work through for all of your clients. Automating tasks is one of the best things a CRM can do for your business. Take work off of your hands and automate it with a strong systemic approach that works for you every time.

WYSIWYG Custom Form Builder

Most workflow management systems come with some type of a form builder. But for law, some common form builder just won’t suffice. A comprehensive custom form builder should be drag-and-drop (of course) text, numbers, drop down menus, multiple choice, files, images, and more!

Easy Task Manager 

Easily sending tasks to paralegals or associates is one of the key features of a powerful workflow management system. Manage your workflow by assigning documents, tasks, or forms to employees or co-workers. When done, add all info to the team agenda with scheduled dates for completion. Having a centralized work area where all of your employees can be given tasks with progress bars and completion rates is crucial. Most importantly, understanding your efficiency and success rates within your business. Instead of wondering if a task has been done by an employee or not, you can now simply check on the progress of the task you sent them.

Every business is different, but most have the same necessity for optimal efficiency. Law firms require specific, more in-depth features in a workflow management software that can help ease their workload. Features such as document automation and custom form builder, that other business models won’t require as much. Finding the right software for your business is a tough decision, but keep in mind these few features when shopping for your next software to get the most optimal results.

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