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Legal CRM, Why You Need It More Than Ever | Rescue Your Law Firm!

The Largest Work-From-Home Experiment In History

Who would’ve thought a Legal CRM System can make or break your law firm? In the year 2020 we are experiencing (unwillingly) the largest work from home/remote working experience in the history of our time. These unprecedented moments are a test of what our businesses can withstand. These times also serve as a testament of what our employees can overcome. Now is when we realize the importance of an office, or simply a centralized working area where all of your employees and partners can be connected. An area where better teamwork can be executed. But is an office really the only way to keep staff working on important matters? Do you need an office to assign work to team members? In order to make sure things are being completed, etc? Not necessarily.

Don’t Sacrifice Inter-Firm Connectedness – Enhance It!

With a CRM you can achieve the same level of inter-firm connectedness through a multi-user software workflow management system. A cloud-based system where your cases can be stored and worked on from anywhere in the world. Send and schedule emails, appointment scheduling, task assigning, document building and document automation, team agenda, custom form building, digital signature online, and more. With all of your matters on a secure cloud-based software, your team can be anywhere and still feel like they are working in the office with the team ever-present.

The Need For a Legal CRM System Has Never Been Greater

In times like these, the need to remain connected has never been greater. With your entire staff working from home, and away from you, how will you manage them? How do we make sure tasks are being assigned, and completed? How do we assure business is running smoothly, even though you cannot see any of your employees? With a CRM like NovoTempus, you can track all of your employees’ assigned work and their progress, have a team agenda, and more. Stay connected and centralized from the comfort of your home. Over 90% of large businesses have one, do you?

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